Weekly Update 14 - Tidying up projects

07 Mar 2015 / Filed under Weekly Update

I took the time to commit some small little projects I’ve accumulated over the past month or so. Check out toolbox, where I will stash my small scripts from now on. Check out latex-tikz-template which is a template LaTeX makefile project that I’d been wishing that I had.

I know it takes someone actually poking around to find things and figure out how they’re used, but in general, I’m just trying to make these things a little more visible by making pages describing what they’ll find here and there.

In other news, CGAL is coming to Github very, very soon! I’m going to have to write a blog about the new surface mesh data structure introduced in 4.6, and I need to tend to the arrangement demo as well.

Weekly Update 13 - Going on hiatus

08 Feb 2015 / Filed under Weekly Update

I just cleaned up and pushed the VimAddin custom keybindings, with Control+B for page up and Control+F for page down. By default, this will conflict with some preset IDE shortcuts and hence do nothing, but going into Preferences > Key Bindings will signal you to address these conflicts. It should be safe to unbind the default actions for Control+F (which you can replace with VimAddin’s find command: /) and Control+B (which you can replace with VimAddin’s match brace command: %).

In other news, I’ve got a chance to refresh my ties with CGAL. Waqar and Efi have finished their work on polycurve arrangements. This generalizes CGAL’s existing polyline arrangement, whose curve is a list of line segments joined end-to-end. Now you can have a list of arbitrary curve type (Bezier, algebraic, unbounded linear segments, for example). I need to pick up work on the demo again, which suffers from long compilation time as is and still hasn’t been integrated. Also with CGAL, coincidentally, a fellow UCD student contacted me about contributing to CGAL. His application requires some unsupported Pachner moves in the 3D Triangulation package. It’s cool to get a chance to keep involved and I hope more people do now that CGAL is moving to more open development workflows on Github in the coming months.

With that, I’m going on hiatus for the next month. I will need to focus on my school project until the upcoming deadline at the beginning of March. Wish me luck, and see you back online next month.

Weekly Update 12 - Custom key bindings in VimAddin

02 Feb 2015 / Filed under Weekly Update

This weekly update comes slightly delayed. Just wanted to say that the problem from last week has been fixed. The reason why it hasn’t been scrubbed and published yet is because I was running into some technical difficulties from a source build of Monodevelop I was testing on. I just tested the addin manually on the latest stable release of Monodevelop (4.7 as of this writing) and it seems to be working fine. So look forward to an update being pushed out during this week some time.

Finally, we can scroll up and down again!

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