Weekly Update 8

04 Jan 2015 / Filed under Weekly Update

Happy new year. I took some time off to work on non-coding hobbies, so I missed the last Sunday before the new year, but now I’m back.

This week, I got my feet wet with a little Ruby and tacked on categories for the Shiori theme. I’ve updated this and my personal blog to have categories but not my academic site since I don’t plan to blog a ton on it. Anyways, if you are interested in having it, check out my fork.

Probably the next thing I want to do is to read up on some Homebrew scripts and see if I can write some of my own.

Anyways, I’ll probably get a leg up on setting up custom bindings for VimAddin this coming week.

Weekly Update 7

21 Dec 2014 / Filed under Weekly Update

This week, I finally submitted a paper for my research that had been keeping me occupied for the past several weeks. As promised, I was able to put in a few hours to committing a new options panel for VimAddin. Now when you go into the Preferences window, you’ll be able to find this under Text Editor:

Right now, you still have to activate VimAddin in the same clunky way: install the addin, check this checkbox, and restart Monodevelop. I hope to figure this out next week so that when you uncheck the box above, it will switch you back to basic input mode.

Now that I have a UI set up, now I have to go through and pull out the Vim-specific keychords and make them customizable through a table widget, sort of like how VsVim handles IDE/plugin shortcuts. I can’t wait to have Ctrl+F map to page down once again!

Weekly Update 6

14 Dec 2014 / Filed under Blender, Weekly Update

Nothing to report besides the shameful accumulation of cobwebs on my repositories this week. I even found a long-forgotten opened issue on the blender-off-addon project that asked for clarification about whether export works because of a stale label… Well, I fixed that, so I guess that’s something.

Next weekend for sure I will have something to report on. By this time next week, I will have finished this quarter off with a paper submission and officially on winter break. I’ll catch up with a lot of things that I have backlogged, but specifically I will get to work adding a menu to VimAddin.

Almost there!

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